The Golf Club Great Britain has a unique Gof Handicap scoring system, which works out your score after you have played your rounds and then loads this up to your members area. To obtain an instant handicap simply apply for either gold, silver or bronze membership, get three cards together which have been filled in with your Name, Gross Score (added up please!) and the date played, then just email them as a pdf, jpeg or scan to Or

We will assess your initial handicap from these cards and you will be sent a plastic membership card with your handicap clearly shown which is valid for one year along with your membership pack. If you need the handicap urgently we will email a letter of confirmation immediately upon receipt of your scorecards.

For Gold or Silver members you can then submit as many handicap cards as you like to keep your handicap up to date and an accurate reflection of your play. You have the option of entering your cards online via the website where you will see instantly if your handicap has changed OR you can email them to and let us enter them for you. All scores submitted are uploaded to the members’ area of the website daily where you can check your current handicap and also handicap history.

With the new World Handicap System in place, we have already implemented the changes needed.

When you enter a card online you will see any handicap change as in the old existing system which is called your INDICATIVE handicap. You will also have to enter the slope rating for the tees and course played but this will not be reflected immediately. All online entries are submitted to the central system in the office and it is here that the WHS will calculate your new Handicap Index which may differ slightly from the indicative playing handicap. This will be uploaded daily and you will see your new Handicap Index usually within 24 hours. If you are unsure as to why this might be different, I can email you the calculations as a screenshot from our system.

If you are at all unsure, please simply scan and email your scorecard to and we will enter the card for you.

Memberships are renewed automatically – if you do not wish to renew for any reason please let us know within 28 days of the expiry of your card.

Once you have an initial handicap, gross scores should be adjusted down to a maximum nett double bogey before entering.

Please see How the Golf Handicap Works for these adjustments.

Also unlike other schemes available, we offer much more than just a handicap certificate. All members are welcome to come along to our monthly golf days, weekends away and overseas trips. You will have the opportunity to meet other golfers of all abilities and play a wide variety of prestigious courses including the Old Course at St. Andrews. Our overseas trips include such destinations as Spain, Portugal, the US, Morocco, Turkey, Cyprus and South Africa.